The 9th International Scientific Conference of the Association for the Global Advancement of Universities and Colleges

Voronezh Institute of High Technologies, Voronezh, Russia, October 12-15, 2018

Conference Themes:

  • Internationalization of higher education management
  • Globalization of higher education
  • Accreditation and management of higher education
  • Entrepreneurial higher education
  • Quality assurance and monitoring-rating evaluation

Topics of relevance include but not limited to:

  • Internationalization of Higher Education: Problems and Vectors of Development
  • Problems and Opportunities for Management of Internationalization Processes at Global, International, Regional and Institutional Levels
  • International Academic Mobility
  • Distance Learning Technologies and E-learning as a Factor of Educational Services Internationalization
  • International Market of Educational Services and National Strategies for Education Export
  • Development of the European Higher Education Area: The Bologna Process
  • Internationalization of Higher Education as a Factor of Competitiveness
  • Higher Education Accreditation, Quality Assurance and Internationalization of Accreditation
  • Internal and External Management of Private and Public Universities and Colleges
  • Interest and Role of Government in Higher Education (Public and Private)
  • The Role of Private and Public Higher Educational Institutions in Society and Economic Development
  • State and Private Partnership in Higher Education
  • Internationalization of Education Quality Assurance
  • International Indicators, Ratings and Competitiveness of National Education Systems
  • Innovative Approaches in Higher Education and their Impact on Quality of Training
  • Problems of Dual and Practice-oriented Learning