Presenters at 2016 International Conference on Global Advancement of Universities & Colleges (GAUC)

1. AGAUC召集人 Steve O Michael
Convener of AGAUC,  Executive Vice President of Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science, U.S.A.
Title of Presentation: Enhancing Institutional Excellence: The Power and Promise of International Partnerships

2. 中国民办教育协会会长 王佐书
Wang Zuoshu, President of the Chinese Association for Non-Government Education
Title of Presentation: Current Development and Prospect of Private Education in China
3. 教育部教育发展研究中心主任 张力
Zhang Li, Director of National Center for Education Development Research of Ministry of Education
Title of Presentation: Education Development Trends in China from 2020 to 2030

4. 校长 陈爱民
Chen Aimin, President of Xi’an International University
Title of Presentation: Classified Management and International Experience of Private Higher Education in China

5. 美国芝加哥大学讲席教授和北京中心创世主任 杨大利
Yang Dali, Professor at the University of Chicago, the Founding Faculty Director of the University of Chicago Center in Beijing, Senior Advisor to the President and the Provost on Global Initiatives
Title of Presentation: Foreign Universities and Cooperation in China

6. 北京师范大学首都教育研究院院长 王善迈
Wang Shanmai, President of Capital Educational Economy Institute, Beijing Normal University
Title of Presentation: Discussion on Classified Management of Private Education

7. 菲律宾亚当森大学副校长 Catherine Q Castaneda
Catherine Q. Castaneda, Vice President of Adamson University, Philippines
Title of Presentation: Accreditation and Quality Assurance in Philippine Private Higher Education: The Adamson Experience

8. 厦门大学教育研究院副院长 史秋衡
Shi Qiuheng, Deputy Dean of Education Institute of Xiamen University
Title of Presentation: Current Learning Features of University Students and its Path for Quality Improvement

9. 教育部教育发展研究中心教育体制改革研究室主任 王烽
Wang Feng, Director of Education System Reform Research Office of National Center for Education Development Research of Ministry of Education
Title of Presentation: Ideality and Reality of Building First Class Universities

10. 美国通达平等多元化协会著名学者 William B Harvey
William B. Harvey, Distinguished Scholar of Equality and Diversity Association, U.S.A.
Title of Presentation: How the American Higher Education System Has Failed the Society: The Intentional Invisibility of African Americans

11. 北京大学教育学院党委书记 阎凤桥
Yan Fengqiao, Secretary of Party Committee of Graduate School of Education of Peking University
Title of Presentation: Analysis of Slow Advancement of Private Education Policies from the Perspective of Organization Behavioral Decision-making

12. 浙江大学民办教育研究中心 吴华
Wu Hua, Director of Private Education Research Center of Zhejiang University
Title of Presentation: On System Design of For-profit Private Universities

13. 中国职业技术教育学会副会长 李壑
Li He, Vice President of Chinese Society of Vocational and Technical Education
Title of Presentation: Current Challenges and Opportunities of Vocational Education

14. 上海思博职业技术学院董事副校长 沈小平
Shen Xiaoping, Vice President of the Board of Shanghai Sipo Polytechnic
Title of Presentation: Exploration and Application for the Construction and Development of Private Vocational Colleges

15. 美国湖森林学院历史系主任、亚洲研究中心主任、西安外事学院七方教育研究所副所长 陈时伟
Chen Shiwei, Professor of History, Chairman of Asian Studies of Lake Forest College, Associate Member of the Center for East Asian Studies at University of Chicago, Deputy Director of Qifang Institute of Education Research of Xi’an International University
Title of Presentation: Challenges and Opportunities: An Analysis of American Higher Education in 2016

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