2016 International Conference on Global Advancement of Private Universities & Colleges (GAPUC)

7th Annual GAUC Conference

October 14-15, 2016
Xi’an International University, China

Conference Themes:

Internationalization of Quality Assurance
Accreditation and Management of Higher Education
Entrepreneurial Higher Education
Higher Education Globalization
Quality Assurance and Accreditation in a Globalized Society (Pros and Cons of American Higher Education Approach)


Topics of relevance include but not limited to:
1). Internal and External Governance of Private and Public Universities and Colleges.
2). Internationalization of Higher Education.
3). Professors’ Role in the Administration of Private Higher Education Institutions.
4). Government Role and Interest in Higher Education (Public and Private).
5). The Role of Private and Public Higher Education Institutions in Community Engagement and Economic Development.
6). Learning in Higher Education (including technology-mediated, culturally mediated, experiential, and traditional pedagogy).
7). Entrepreneurial Higher Education.
8). The Role of Student Affairs Administration in Student Education and Growth.
9). Student Recruitment, Enrollment and Demographic Changes
10). Public and Private Higher Education Partnership
11). Accreditation and Quality Assurance of Private Higher Education, and internationalization of Accreditation.



Steve O. Michael


Sergey Zapryagaev


Chen Aimin


Andy Pusca

Association Board

AGAUC is an association of institutional members across the globe.  The Association Board organizes election of the association leaders, develops and approves association’s constitutions, and provides oversight over the affairs of the association. 



Dr. Steve O. Michael

First Vice President

Dr. Andy Pusca

Second Vice President

Dr. Sergey Zapragaev