In fulfilling its mission, AGAUC’s goals include the following:

Higher education system transformation

Higher education system transformation

  • Expand the overall capacity of national higher education systems by increasing student access;
  • Expand the overall capacity of national higher education systems by improving quality assurance;
  • Advocate national policies that promote overall excellence of national higher education systems;
  • Promote public-private higher education sectors’ cooperation, collaboration, and healthy competition;
Strengthening the private sector economy in higher education

Strengthening the private sector economy in higher education

  • Promote public awareness of public-private higher education sectors’ contributions to society.
  • Advocate societal support for environment that encourages private higher education sector to thrive
Private Higher Education Institutional Transformation

Private Higher Education Institutional Transformation

  • Provide administrative and executive professional development opportunities for institutional leaders
  • Promote global network, operations, cooperation, and access for higher education institutions.

To fulfill these goals, AGAUC’s activities include but not limited to the following:

  • Provide fora for discussing and deliberating on national higher education systems and policies.
  • Explore and advance higher education environment that strengthens private higher education sector. Advise and advance policy preferences to government policy makers to support their private higher education sector.
  • Advance institutional management and leadership practices that foster excellence of private higher education institutions
  • Promote transnational post-secondary educational experience and globalization in private higher education sector
  • Promote private institutional transnational collaborations, specifically in quality assurance, research, creative expressions, leadership development, faculty development, credential transferability, study abroad programs, faculty exchange, and national and international conferences.
  • Expand student access to quality higher education across the globe.
  • Advance and exchange practices that enable private institutions to grow and thrive in an increasingly competitive environment.

Association Board

AGAUC is an association of institutional members across the globe.  The Association Board organizes election of the association leaders, develops and approves association’s constitutions, and provides oversight over the affairs of the association. 



Dr. Steve O. Michael

First Vice President

Dr. Andy Pusca

Second Vice President

Dr. Sergey Zapragaev