Association’s Programs

National Associations

AGAUC encourages formation of national chapters wherever there are sufficient members interested in doing so.  National Chapters provide opportunities for leadership development and help to narrow attention to issues specific to their country.  AGAUC

Annual Conference

AGAUC holds an annual international conference in August.  Conferences are held usually in countries that have active members to host the conference

Quality Assurance and Accreditation

AGAUC sponsors institutional accreditation exercise and promotes quality assurance practices among member institutions.

In addition. AGAUC provides a ranking scheme solely for the higher education systems that provides the most conducive policy environment to foster and strengthen the private higher education sector. 

Social Media

AGAUC sponsors discussion groups for members to exchange ideas and seek answers to questions. Current discussion groups include:

  • President/Rector’s Group
  • Chief Academic Officer’s Group
  • Dean’s Group
  • Professional Administrators’ Group

Leadership Development

AGAUC promotes national, regional, and international leadership development opportunities. These leadership opportunities include:

  • Presidents/Rectors’ Leadership Renewal—RLR provides a forum for presidents and rectors of private institutions to discuss challenges and opportunities and exchange ideas relevant to their roles. A retired president or rector or experienced trainer facilitates the forum. Training could focus on strategic planning financial planning and management, fundraising and advancement, leadership, stress management, planning for retirement, board of trustees’ management, and crisis management.
  • Provosts/Chief Academic Officers’ Development—PCAOD provides training opportunities for chief academic leaders. Training could focus on strategic planning, budgeting and financial management, fundraising and advancement, leadership, stress management, preparing for presidency or rectorship, and crisis management.
  • Deans Leadership Program—DLP provides opportunities for current and dean aspirants to discuss challenges and opportunities relevant to their roles. Training opportunities could focus on college level planning, leadership, fundraising and advancement, personnel management, and stress management.
  • Heads of Department Programs—HDP provides opportunities for heads of department and program directors to deliberate and develop leadership skills. Training opportunities could focus on department level planning, leadership, personnel management, and stress management, and advancing to deanship.
  • Professional Administrators’ Development—PAD provides opportunities for middle to top management professionals such as directors or chiefs of student affairs, institutional research officers, enrollment and admission officers, financial aid officers, registrars, etc.

Association Board

AGAUC is an association of institutional members across the globe.  The Association Board organizes election of the association leaders, develops and approves association’s constitutions, and provides oversight over the affairs of the association. 



Dr. Steve O. Michael

First Vice President

Dr. Andy Pusca

Second Vice President

Dr. Sergey Zapragaev